Watch Us In Action

Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter school always works hard to create a better world! Here are some of the ways we've taken action.

Watch Launch Students work hard towards stopping gun violence in our communities. 7th grade students led and organized a protest to stop gun violence in our communities. They contacted political officials, garnered news coverage and worked with S.O.S ( Save our streets) to make a change.  Check out our video below to learn more about our annual protests and learn how you can get involved.




Middle school students at Launch Expeditionary Learning School in Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY work to end hunger in their community by partnering with the The Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger to plant at two Brooklyn farm sites and stock a local food pantry. Their collaboration with The Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger sparks them to write letters to local officials to advocate for healthier food options in their schools.

Better World Day in Brooklyn: Growing a Movement from EL Education on Vimeo.



Students visited Albany to get the Gianaris, Glick, and Peralta Bills passed after losing their friend and classmate to a unlicensed truck driver while riding his bike in Brooklyn. They handed out hundreds of letters to legislators to prevent another loss of life and teamed up with Transportation Alternatives. The bills were passed. 



Students used their art for change. They realized one piece of art sold could potentially buy a family in need a winter coat.  So they set out to raise money using the art they created. We found a space to hold a talent and art show, we sold all pieces of art and raised a little over $1000.00 in 2 hours. We gathered donated coats and were able to give 300 coats out at a charity event hosted by Moneet's Closet. All coats were given out to local shelters. 


Students creating birthday gifts bags for families in need for better world day. Each bag had a toy, handmade card by our students, balloons, candles, birthday cake mix and more! They understand the importance of making a fellow child feel amazing on their special day.